Love and luck

Love at first sight.  Not sure if I believe in it or not.  What I do know, is that Dipak may have me falling already.  I am not in love, but I can definitely see myself falling for him faster than I’ve fallen for anybody before.

He came over yesterday and we went to the gas station to get cigarettes for my roommate.  We ended up making a slight detour and decided to go for a drive.  We started heading down the way to my fathers house.  Once I mentioned it,  Dipak wanted to go visit! The fact that he wanted to meet some of my family, really just made me melt inside.

The house was a mess, my family is currently remodeling…just about everything.  My dad and stepmom always try to do so much at once.  I look up to them for being so determined and hardworking.  Dipak didn’t seem to mind though, even when my dog tried to pee on him.  Must like him if he wants to mark him as property 😉 He’s such a kind, caring guy.

How did I get this lucky?

Anyways, it was a great day. I fell asleep smiling thinking about it.

Too bad he’s spending the weekend in the cities at a wedding…that his ex girlfriend is his date too.  They agreed to go together a while back.  So I’m not mad.  Am I worried? Yup.  That’s just because I have been cheated on in EVERY relationship I have been in since moving to Menomonie and starting school.   I would love to trust him, and in some aspects I do. I guess after this weekend, we will see.

I miss him already 🙂


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