Never trust anyone.

Last night was crazy.  Shot after shot.  Drink after drink.  Kissing my best friend Kelsey.  Dancing with her and my roommate.  Listening to horrible karaoke.  Eating vodka soaked cherries at The Pub.  We had a blast!  Around midnight, we go outside to cool off a bit.  My roommates friend Ali pulls up on his motorcycle.  Now, I am a SUCKER for motorcycles.  Of course I’m jealous and saying how much I want to ride on one.  So, Ali offers to take me for a ride! I figure, hey if he’s a good friend to my roommate, I trust him enough to go on a ride around the block.

Well. Let me tell you.  I was wrong.  We start heading out of town and I tell him to go back.  He takes me out by some park, and stops.  Tells me he wants to see my beautiful face.  I keep saying I want to go back by my friends.  They will be worried.  I can tell he’s mad.  He starts driving again, this time going too fast and just being crazy.  THEN the bastard stops outside of his apartments and turns off the bike.  Again,  I just repeated that I wanted to go back and that Kelsey will be worried.  He tries to take my phone away and says he will call Kelsey and tell her I am staying with him tonight.  UMM WHAT? False.

Also, please note that this whole time he is being actually kind of nice and polite.  He is Saudi Arabian.  I have been told that it’s part of their culture, or that there’s is  very different from ours as Americans.  I am still learning…but either way.

I kept saying I wanted to go back.  And he kept saying I could stay with him and have sex.  Or not.  THEN he grabs my face and kisses me.  I jump off the bike, burning my leg in the process and scratching up my other one somehow.  So he sits on the grass and tells me to sit with him and talk.  At this point,  I decide I’m slightly terrified of this guy and maybe I should play along and convince him to come out and have a few drinks.  Just so I could get back.  He keeps telling me to stay with him, pleading.  I tell him we should go back and he can hang out with us (yeah right).  So he says he will only take me back if I kiss him.  So I do.  I just want to leave.

Then some guy, who turns out to be his roommate, pulls up in a truck and he takes us back to my friends. In the truck he asks for my number, and me trying to be sneaky and avoid that,  I hold my phone up and tell him to punch it in quick so I can save it (Like I would use it) But, I wasn’t thinking.  He just calls himself with my phone. so now he has my number. Whatever. We get back and I drive Kelsey and I home, leaving Ali.

5 minutes later, he shows up.  How did you know where I live? I asked him.  His response? I knew in my heart.  WTF. Turns out that he was actually driving around all over town looking for our car. He comes in and hangs out. I keep my distance.  At least he has my roommate to talk to now.  After a while, he ended up next to me on the couch.  Kept trying to hold my hand.  I texted my friend who was with us to help, but he didn’t know what to do without starting a fight.  But the minute he tried to kiss me again, I go into the kitchen for water and then don’t sit by him or talk to him.

I go outside with my friend, and Ali follows.   Then says he is leaving. My friend is an idiot and leaves me alone with him.  He tries to kiss me again but I turn my head and say I have to go.  But he slams the door shut and won’t let me.  Took 3 tries before he agreed to let me go.  He gives me a quick forceful kiss and leaves. I decide I need some air, so I go for a run.  At 4am.  But it felt damn good.  Moral of the story.  I am a fucking idiot, and shouldn’t be so trusting to people.


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