Well, Dipak didn’t talk to Amy.  In his defense, he was at a wedding all weekend so it wasn’t the best time to tell your ex girlfriend of four years that he’s found someone else and they aren’t getting back together…still hurts though that he said he would and didn’t.  In the midst of all that, there were backyard parties all weekend, grilling out, bonfires, and music and drinks.  It was fun.  But the whole time I just thought of what would happen when Dipak returned.  We had an arguement on Sunday when he got back and told me he didn’t talk to her.  It was pretty bad.  There were some tears shed…but thanks to black bear telling me not to give up hope…I didn’t.  “He’s loyal, when he says he will do something, he will do it, he’s the best guy you could ever date, you two belong together, Bhabhi.”  Bhabhi means brothers wife in Hindu.  

He came over yesterday, monday, and we talked and hugged.  Why does my heart just melt whenever he is around.  I think I have smiled more around him than I have in a long time.  And the kisses, just give me unbelievable butterflies.  “Soon” he told me.  He will tell her soon. 

On another note, I have applied for numerous jobs.  Since I took a medical withdrawal this semester, I can’t work on campus.  Soooo that means no summer job for me.  And I need money or I won’t be able to pay bills or take care of myself.  I hope I hear back soon.  So far one person has called me back.  We shall see what happens. 

Trying not to panic.


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