Well,  Dipak and I were going to meet up yesterday, but he wore himself out and decided to sleep instead.  However, he did say that he would make up for it on Friday because he has a surprise for me.  I am horrible with surprises! I want to know what it is, but I guess my patience is going to be tested.

Hannah took me to get a pregnancy test.  I psyched myself out because I was late…and scared to death.  While I definitely want kids,  I know Dipak isn’t ready, and we aren’t even “together.”  I just had to be sure…so we got one.  It’s negative.   Thank goodness.   I don’t think he would’ve enjoyed my surprise as much as I’ll probably enjoy his.

Also, my job interview is tomorrow at 2pm.  Fuck.  I hate interviews.  Hopefully I get the job though!  I would get to work with my best friend, and make some bank. 😉


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