Last night…was insane.  So I go to my friends birthday party where they are grilling out and drinking. The minute I get in the yard I’m handed a tequila shot. That was just the beginning of my crazy night.  I even said that tequila makes me crazy.  I wasn’t lying.

I played bean bags for the first time, and found out I’m not too bad. At least until I get a few drinks in me, then you might want to stand away from the board because I will probably hit you by accident.

I can not even begin to count how much I drank.  Shots, chugging, lots of alcohol.  Oofta.  

Of course, I had to have a break down.  I just want to be able to tell people “oh hey, this is my boyfriend Dipak.”  He just doesn’t understand how painful it is for him to be choosing to wait for his ex to move to another state, rather than calling her up and making plans to have lunch and telling her in person.  I just don’t understand, and I am really trying hard.  I will wait for him.  He knows this, but it still hurts.

AND of course,  in the midst of the breakdown, I eventually lose control of my breathing.  I keep my inhaler in my purse, but for some reason I forgot it. That never happens.  So the trouble breathing turns into a full on attack.  That’s only happened a few times.  Dipak almost called 911.  No way can my family deal with more hospital bills because of me.   It was as bad attack though…My chest hurt so bad that I was gripping the table in pain.  The feeling of gasping for air and nothing going into your lungs…it’s terrifying.  But he got my inhaler and stayed by my side until I could finally breathe again.  

I was a hot mess last night.  

Crying, asthma attacks, oh and did I mention that my best friend Kelsey and I were making out nonstop?  And when I wasn’t making out with her I was making out with Dipak.  I told him I loved him.  He said it back.  Is it possible to fall in love so fast?  When you are still getting to know a person?  Somehow, he stole my heart.  I just hope he doesn’t break it. 

And then there is the strip club.  Yup, we ended up taking the birthday boy to the strip club around midnight. I knew one of them.  I ended up holding dollars in my teeth and having them take it from me.  As well as the three way kisses with the strippers and Kelsey.  Did I mention Kelsey and I got in trouble for kissing so much that people were distracted by us instead of the strippers? 

No, I’m not bisexual.  I have never been attracted to a girl like that, and while it grosses me out to think of another girl that way I definitely don’t hold anything against people who do 🙂

So more drinks were had, as well as finishing off Dipaks.  Sorry love.  Then we went home, Dipak and I passed out after  “laying in bed” for a while, and Kelsey banged his roommate.  

Yup, crazy night.



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