Sugar Sugar

Well today was significantly better than yesterday.  Talked to my adviser and she told me the dean of students is out of town until Monday so I won’t know anything until then regarding my academic dismissal.  She had me write an email though explaining everything, so fingers crossed! That’s all I can do right now, besides my adviser and I both putting some tobacco down.

Orientation today was really fun, I have a good group of coworkers I will be working with and everyone seems so laid back.  The guy giving the presentation was eating pickles and cookies the whole time.  It was awesome.  Not to mention my adviser person Katie brought us cookies and smarties.  Hellllo Sugar Rush.  Can’t wait to start on Saturday, I’ve missed working! Hopefully next week I can get a bike so I can bike to work, thank you dad for the money loan to get one!

Also, Dipak is a sweetheart like always.  I love that he cares so much.  It seems genuine too.  Maybe he’s the one, maybe he’s not.  But I’m really enjoying getting to know him, and for once I’m enjoying someone getting to know me.  The real me.

And I painted my nails green and purple today. Green for me and Dipak haha because I’m secretly 12 years old at heart, and purple because…purples awesome. 



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