Tonight Dipak came over for a few hours and it was really nice.  We just talked and got to know each other better.  He told me about where he is from, Nepal. How the top part of the “rectangle” is all mountains.  Mountains with snow 🙂  The middle part, where he was born in a small town, was full of small mountains, without snow.  The lower part, where he moved to and grew up later, was flat.  His family had a business, like a bed and breakfast type place.  A small hotel like business.  He also told me his father died in 2008 while he was in America and he couldn’t go to the funeral.  I wanted to cry.  It’s so sad.  He is such a good person, I’m sorry this happened to him.  He is the youngest, and his oldest sibling is 46!  His mom is in her 60s I believe he said. It’s also 2070 over there!  It’s crazy how the calendar is different in other countries! Things are definitely different there than here.  But it’s okay, I love learning more about him and where he is from!


We talked about our favorites.  I love pasta, so far any rice I’ve ever tried, different kinds of chicken (except fried), chinese, and Mexican.  But I love trying new food. He likes all sorts of food. Lamb and goat meat is his favorite type of meat.  But he loves everything it seems!  Of course he loves rice, most of the dishes in his country, if not all, include rice.

His favorite color is green, but when it comes to cars or decorating things he loves white!  I personally love the colors black, green, blue, and purple.  I would be afraid of white because I am such a klutz! Who knows what color it would turn into with me.

For music, he loves all.  He will even listen to country occasionally.  So he’s exactly like me 🙂  And he loves old rock and metal like AC/DC and Megadeth.  I like him even more with all this stuff in common!

His favorite animal is dogs, ruh roh.  I love dogs, but he told me he’s not a cat person!  He doesn’t hate them though, that’s good 😉  I couldn’t give up Pops.

He is so smart though, it’s intimidating!  He skipped the 6th grade and was top of his DISTRICT.  And here I am proud to be in the top 10 of my class of 34ish students.  Oofta.

Well, anyways.  Enough gushing about my love life…again.

Tomorrow is my first 12 hour day of work building medical parts at Phillips Medisize and I have to get up at 3:30.  I should probably go to bed…since it’s 11 already.  I’m tired, but I’m so happy and excited about Dipak and work that I can’t sleep! I should try though 😛

Wish me luck, I’m off to sleep so I can help save lives in the morning 😉


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