droolface and gimpy

I had a bunch of crazy dreams last night.  No nightmares though, that’s good!  First off, dreamt that I was in some really nice apartment in the cities.  It might have been a penthouse?  We were high up.  I say we, because I had a flipping baby!  I was holding it and feeding it.  It was mine, I could just tell.  Dipak showed up later.  Fucking weird dream.  Who the hell dreams about stuff like that.  We’re barely even talking again.  I forgot to mention that when  woke up, I was cradling my pillow.  Lol like what the hell! 

Then I had a dream about scuba diving.  That’s it.  I was just scuba diving, and it was awesome.  Someday I will get to go scuba diving again, and not just in my dreams.  I seriously forgot how beautiful the reefs were and all the different creatures that inhabit them.  I might have to pull out my Florida pictures and reminisce on the trip where I got to scuba dive and snorkel and go to an underwater hotel and an underwater lab that you literally have to scuba dive to.  It was so amazing.  The lab had a “fishbowl” which is literally a glass bowl that you climb down a ladder into from the lab and then you just look around at all the fish and stuff.  So pretty 🙂 

Well now that I went from talking about my weird dreams to reminiscing about my Florida trip. Anyways, there were some other random dreams, but I don’t remember them that well.  Not as much as the other two.  

As for my piercings I got yesterday, most intense pain I have EVER felt.  I was expecting it to hurt like hell, but oh my gosh. Never doing that again!  If I have to take my piercings out for some reason,  they are staying out. Haha!  Nipples and hood, most painful piercing I have ever gotten.  As soon as Kelsey and I left the shop, we crossed the street and went and did a shot at the bar to calm down. Kelsey got her hood done too, but that’s it.  I told her it didn’t hurt that bad because I didn’t want to psych her out.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard her getting hers.  The yelling went something like “Fuck shit motherfucker ouch!” Bahahaha love that girl.

My chest is a little sore, but definitely not as sore as I was yesterday.  I couldn’t move without being in pain, hell I couldn’t NOT move without being in pain.  Oh well. Now I have 14 piercings though, and I love them all!  

Today it’s raining and I am SO bored.  I wish someone would come steal me.  So far I’ve just cuddled with my cat all day.  Which is fine.  He’s super adorable and cuddly today.  And he keeps dreaming and moving around in his sleep 🙂 I wish I knew what kind of dreams he has!  Probably chasing his girlfriend.  Or a bug.  One of the two ❤



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