Had this horrible dream last night that my hometown, Bayfield, was on fire.  I was with my two sisters trying to get to my mothers, and the police had the road blocked due to the massive fire that was spreading fast.  So we turned around, went to a private harbor and started swimming.  We couldn’t take a boat because the police were making sure no one would try to get into town.  We got to Red Cliff, to a place we call the T dock, and found we had leaches on us.  Ew. After picking them off, we saw that Red Cliff was going up in smoke too.

 There’s a gap in my dream, but somehow we got my mom and ended up at the T dock again.  We had this thing that almost looked like a bathtub, my mom, younger sister, and I all got in and found out that if my older sister got in it would sink.  So she put garbage bags on (wtf) to keep the leaches off. Then we were off towards Bayfield again.  

We got there and my mom and younger sister headed out of town.  My older sister and I went back to the private harbor and stole a sailboat.  All the police had disappeared, the fire was spreading too fast that it was too dangerous for them to stay.  

That’s when the dream got even stranger.  

We ended up sailing around, picking up people that were hurt from the water.  But it was like Titanic, most of the bodies floating around were dead.  And there were hundreds.  But we saved a bunch of people and brought them to Madeline Island. Taking numerous trips back and forth.

And then I woke up. 


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