Animals are my thing.

Today was a great day. Work was insanely busy, and there was a lot of people on edge today. Also, Dipak is leaving me confused again.  Not sure what he wants.  One minute I think things are fine, and then he seems to shut me out and leave me lost again.  So I was really looking forward to us all going to the Ale House after work to have a couple drinks for a few coworkers birthdays.  We all seemed to need it.

That was fun 🙂

Then Kelsey and her mom invited me to dinner with their family.  I have called them my adoptive family since they pretty have accepted me as one of their own.   So we went to a bar and grill in Knapp and ordered food to take home.  Her dad bought my food (jalapeno poppers) and bought me a drink.  I know he has caused a lot of problems in the family, but I can see he is trying!  He was very nice to me.

We ate, and then Kelsey and I took the dogs out.  Love them!  So playful, I can’t wait to have a dog of my own some day.

After playing with the dogs and getting covered in scratches and dirt (loving every moment of it) she showed me the cows! She fed them, and I pet them because I’m such an animal lover.  Of course I would try to bond with the cows.  And the goat too of course!  I just find all animals to be fascinating and majestic creatures.

Then we went inside and relaxed for a while, and by relaxed I mean I sat on the couch and played with the dogs more.

Then Kelsey took me home and now I’m finishing watching Grease before I head to bed and fall asleep snuggling my kitty who is currently mad at me for smelling like 5 different animals that aren’t him.

Hopefully the good mood keeps going for the rest of the weekend.


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