My life be like ooooh ahhhhhh

Well that was a bust. After posting and going to bed shortly after, I wake up randomly in the night barfing my brains out.  Turns out, I had gotten food poisoning.  Thanks adoptive family haha! 

Ended up missing work, was hoping to be able to show up late.  I couldn’t hold water down until 3ish.  I don’t think two hours of work would be worth it to go in.  Oh well, at least I’ll make it in tomorrow! 

Dipak has barely spoken to me the past few days.  Adding to the past couple weeks of uncertainty.   I just wish he could be more straightforward and open with me.  Lord knows I’ve been nothing but open with him.  Maybe his feelings just aren’t there anymore.  I sure hope not.  

Now for yet another weird dream! It took place in high school, and a whole bunch of people wanted to beat me up.  They kept telling me to wait until we were alone, then I would regret everything.  I kept running, but they chased and had split up without me knowing.  When I got out the door there were a bunch of people standing outside blocking it.

After being cornered they all kept telling me what a bitch I was and kept taking turns sharing stories of what a bad friend I was.  Then this girl named Shyanna comes out of the bathroom saying she was bleeding, but was pregnant.  I mentioned that happening to my aunt when she had a miscarriage.  We then had a heart to heart about everything, and I kept telling her how sorry I was and that I hope she was alright.  I offered to take her to the hospital.  Then the other girls were asking for my advice on different things.

 We all made up and ended up walking out the doors together, where the other people were waiting to jump me.  They were all pissed when they found out we had made up, but the girls protected me and told them to back off.  My ex boyfriend Mike kept telling me how horrible I was and was telling them not to stick up for me.  That I had deserved to be cheated on.  Then he proceeded to kiss Alyssa, the girl who used to be my best friend that he cheated on me with (in real life I might add).  

Then, Rusty, my other ex boyfriend, was originally going to jump me with them, but changed his mind.  He ended up declaring his love for me and we ended up back together.  Which is weird since in real life he is now married with a kid.  

Why are my dreams so messed up?  


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