Poor Moosey-and storytime part 2

SO today Moose (Kelsey) and I decided to go to lunch.  We randomly decided on Applebees…BUT when we got there poor moosey hit someones car…she is not a happy camper. So tonight, we will probably have a movie night and have a few drinks.

Okay storytime!  So when I left off, my parents had separated and I moved with my mom.  It. Was. Horrible.  Red Cliff is not a happy place, and definitely not a place you want your kids to grow up in.  The bus drivers don’t care what the kids do on the bus.  The bus was trashed and kids threw trash and spitballs everywhere.  It was gross to say the least, and super loud since everyone was screaming and yelling.

Then there was the people.  I cannot tell you how many people I got bullied by.  It was horrible.  That was the first time I cut myself, was the sixth grade.  I was so lonely and I missed my friends from Boyceville. Heidi, Lexi, and Amanda., whom I sat with every day on the bus and we were inseparable.

Then there was Christi, Cassie, Tiffany, Heather, Whitney, Joe, Mike, Dan, and so many more.  I had A LOT of friends I had left behind.

Just to get bullied nonstop because I was the “new girl” and I didn’t really know anybody.  Britany, who was my neighbors cousin.  That was it.  I met Alex, who later over time would become my best friend and I would walk next to when graduation came upon us.

So the depression started.  I was teased for being short, chubby, having curly hair, not talking very much, and sooo much more.

By then end of the eight grade and start of ninth grade I had gotten down to 79 pounds.  I had Anorexia and Bulimia.  It was hard.  I would skip breakfast, give away almost all of my lunch.  Throw up if I did happen to eat anything at lunch.  And I threw up after what little dinner I ate.

Alex and I had gotten close, and we had a huge fight in the ninth grade.  She called me an anorexic bitch and told everyone what I was doing.  That was my motivation to get help.

I stayed healthy ever since, though I have weight problems now since I started birth control.  I recently went off of it and am working on getting back to my old self.  However,  I might have a thyroid problem so losing weight is even harder.  I hate looking at myself in the mirror.  I miss being beautiful.

Okay that’s enough for now.  Shit is depressing. More stories next time.

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