I love surprise visits! Andddd Storytime part 3!

So yesterday, Kelsey and I made plans to drink and watch movies.  Then the storm hit so she was delayed on coming over, BUT right before the storm hit my friends Addie and Sarah showed up randomly at my door!  I haven’t seen them since school got out so the surprise was really nice 🙂 And needed!  Kelsey showed up a little later and we all had a drink and watched Mars Attacks, which Sarah had never seen.  90s Tim Burton, pretty funny movie.  Went to bed around 2:30 after Kelsey left.  It was a good girls night ❤

Okay, so after I had my eating problems and lost a ton of weight. I got help on my own and stayed at a healthy weight the rest of high school.  However, I was really pretty.  That got me in a little trouble.

My freshman year I started hanging out with these two sisters and going to the Washburn rec center which we all called “The Club” because there was a dance floor upstairs.  I would go there every weekend with the girls.  I met a lot of different people there.  I also dated a lot of people.  I was never single for more then a week in high school.  (However I did start dating someone my freshman year that lead to an on and off again 4 year relationship) I dated this one guy named Craig, completely unaware that he was an ex of a girl at my school.  I stayed the night at his house once, nothing happened.  We just watched a movie with his parents and then went to sleep.  This girl ended up telling the whole school I slept with him while they were together and what a big slut I was.  Now I won’t lie,  I didn’t dress the most appropriate.  But I was definitely not a slut.

She had quite an influence on the Red Cliff crowd though….so the bullying started again…ten fold.

My jacket was stolen once and was returned to me by getting passed up the school bus.  It was completely soaked in grape soda.

I had cookie smooshed in my hair as a girl walked past me to get off the bus.

I got threats in my locker.

I  became so depressed.  I would come home and start bawling and my mother wouldn’t know what to do.

I started cutting almost every day with a razor blade.

I made what can only be described as a “concoction” that I was going to drink and kill myself.  My mother found it and threw it out.

I’m not sure what gave me the strength to keep going, but I somehow found it.  I became friends with the “Bayfield kids”, so pretty much the white kids at our school.

I joined choir, quizbowl, yearbook staff, volleyball, soccer, homecoming staff, forensics, electrothon, joined a mentoring program, became a teachers assistant, a band section leader, and so much more.

I was busy, but I became popular.  I was part of the “fantastic five”  sometimes called the “fab five”.  The girl that bullied me got kicked out of school.


More stories next time.



Me, Katrina (one of the sisters), and Angie-the girl that turned all of Red Cliff against me for a year.



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