Chillax day and Storytime part…4

So today I got home at around 6:45 in the morning.  Needless to say it was a great night out with my Moose and friend Matty K.  We ended up at our friend Casey and Kendras house for an A-Bar that lasted until the sun came up.  That was fun too, but an old flame of mine as mentioned earlier…and I rekindled.  We kissed.  And I felt GUILTY. I stopped it and that was it.  He was unhappy with me.  But I can’t kiss somebody when I want it to be somebody else. Why am I being so loyal to someone who’s not interested anymore, don’t ask me.

Any who, more stories of my fun time growing up.  Not really.

The wicked witch, aka my grandmother.  SHE is a whole story on her own.   I cannot even share a story about her, because she was just an ongoing bitch from hell.  Pardon my language.

Hmm let me share a list of names she has called me.  The spawn of satan, slut, whore, bitch, prostitute, anorexic bitch, stripper, drunk, etc…

A few things she’s done: Nailed my window shut because my screen blew off once during a storm and she accused me of letting boys come in my window for sex, just about every day she would sit/stand at the top of the stairs and talk loudly on the phone to my aunt about what a horrible person I am and tell all these stories that she made up in her head about me doing bad things, I painted my nails once and she accused me of being drunk and made me walk a straight line-then proceeded to call me a bitch and told me to go down to my room, she hit my grandpa-even with a phone once, she told all my cousins (ages 8-13 at the time) to come to my room and tease me by making fun of my other grandma whom I am really close with and calling her horrible names,  she would say horrible things about my father, she would scream at me and call me and my mother a slut, anybody I was friends with was not allowed near our house-if they entered the yard she would threaten to call the police and go outside and scream at them, she would never let my boyfriend come inside-he also was not allowed in the yard, and so much more.

(but funny story quick…my grandpa is an amazing guy.  I love him SO much.  Used to help with the garden, go fishing and on walks and yadda yadda yadda.  One time my grandma had problems with her diabetes and had to stay in the hospital over night.  My grandpa told me to invite my boyfriend over for dinner and he made a HUGE feast.  Corn, roast, potatoes, the works.  We never told my grandma, it was a secret between my mother, grandpa, and I.  I will always remember that night, it was great!)

Again, I have never been so depressed than when I lived in Red Cliff, in my grandparents house.  SHE caused me so much pain.  Your grandmother should never say the things she has said to me. I was heartbroken at how horrible she treated me, and a lot of other people as well.  I still am.  I will never be able to forgive for the 8 years of pain I felt.  How useless and horrible of a person she made me feel like.  Once you’re told the same things over and over, you start to believe them.  I even believed I was a slut, when I had never even had sex.


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