Drunk roommates, work, Chinese, and storytime part 5

I barely got any sleep last night.  Hannah my upstairs roommate woke me up by pounding on my door at 2am.  She was hammered crying saying she lost her keys, her phone, and her boyfriend Nate was mad at her.  Then all of a sudden he pops up out of no where and says she whipped her phone down the driveway and it wasn’t working.

They fight a bit.  I awkwardly sit around trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Let me note that I am in an oversized t-shirt and my underwear and there’s is drunk people all over coming from bar close.

Nate asks if Hannah wants to stay on my couch or go with him.  She’s belligerant and he just leaves.

I felt so bad.  Hannah was wasted, but she also was crying and really upset about losing everything.  I understand just wanting a hug and being told it’s okay.

Well anyways.  She’s is bawling by this point and calls her friend Danny.  He shows up minutes later, and Nate returns.  Nate explains to Danny what’s going on and tells him he can go.  Nate and I try to break into the house, no luck.  then we look at the moon for a while and he takes her to his house.  So I got 2 hours of sleep.

So today was interesting at work.  I became closer with a few coworkers, Mikayla, Liz, and Jordan for the most part.  I work with some really cool people 🙂

I got put on packaging for one of my shifts, which is totally fine!  For packaging, you inspect the epipens for any defects, blow off any debris with the air hose, check the case for defects, put the pen in and place it in the box slot correctly, then fill out the paperwork, labels, and tape it shut and boom that’s it!  HOWEVER somebody in the warehouses packing the totes with cases to be checked…wore a GLITTER shirt today!  What is wrong with you, wearing a glitter shirt to a job making MEDICAL equipment that must be completely sterile???

Needless to say…Two other people and I sorted through over 200 pen cases…getting rid of EVERY SPEC of glitter. I changed gloves numerous times due to the amount of glitter sticking to them, and many cases were thrown out due to glitter getting stuck in the glue.

The day got significantly better though after that shift 🙂  Mikayla, Liz, and I had a lot of fun working next to each other for 4 hours in a row.  We were laughing so hard we were crying numerous times.  I don’t even remember why!  We were just having that much fun!

Then my last two shifts were my two favorite jobs to do!  So I ended work a happy camper today.

THEN Kelsey’s parents took us to dinner, again!  I really like her family.  Her parents may have trouble sometimes, but they all seem so close and happy.  And her dad and mom like me a lot, which isn’t really normal for Kelsey’s friends I guess?

No word from Dipak.


So I already talked about my eating disorder, beginning of cutting, and horrible grandmother.  So lets talk about more random stuff.

Hmm, my mother had a gambling problem.  She also found out she was bipolar after purposely overdosing on her antidepressants trying to kill herself.  She was sent away for a while, and I had to raise my younger sister for a while….which honestly wasn’t much different from usual.  My mom was addicted to gambling, drinking…and boys.  She would disappear days at a time.  Which is uncool because most times someone disappears on the rez, it is because they were murdered…like my cousin Jody whos murderer was never caught after she was abducted after working at the library one night or my friend Marvin who was pushed off a cliff.  My friend Karissa’s family did something to piss someone off and they retaliated by running over their toddler.  She is okay, thank goodness.

I won many awards in high school.  Numerous solo and ensemble awards for singing and playing the clarinet as well.  I was quizbowl captain.  I won awards every year I competed in forensics.  I won “letters” and pins and an award trophy or two for varsity volleyball and soccer.  I mentored a girl and helped her out of her depression.  I was on either honors or high honors every semester.  I taught an elementary class through a student program called kinship, I was a teachers aid for band, I played for a band-piano and singing (fun fact the guy now has his own company), I took precalculus independently (no teacher except during tests and exams) and aced it. I traveled to Seattle and played with the Bayfield high school band in front of hundreds of people.  I was nominated for homecoming queen twice. I was in the National Honor Society, And so much more.  I loved high school for the most part, I was popular for three years of it.  People wanted to be my friend, and I was nice to EVERYONE.  I hung out after lunch and sometimes after school with the “loser” table, because they were some really nice people who in fact were not losers AT ALL. I ate lunch with the jocks. My best friends were a mixture of people from every group.  I did so much.  I was so busy.  I am proud of all that I have done.

Meh, enough for now!  I’m sleepy and it’s only 7 pm.


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