Loving the pretty singing bird right outside my window-storytime part 6

There is this guy, Glen, at work who just got hired a week or two ago.  Monday he shows up reeking of alcohol, but we all decide to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Yesterday, he shows up and sometime around 11am he just disappears.  Someone went to the warehouse where he was working and couldn’t find him.  Ever since then he was missing!  We think he left/quit.  Who knows, guess we will all find out what happened on Friday!!

Hmmm storytime, what to talk about next.  How about stupid high school relationships?

There was Nick, who was super jealous all the time.  Broke it off with him and he pretty much sent me hate mail, then got over it, and would sometimes pin me against the wall when nobody was looking and force me to kiss him.  I was super small in high school.  I couldn’t defend myself worth shit, and never reported him.  Ick.

Craig, the guy I was rumored to have slept with that made me into a whore.

Rusty, the hot wrestler who had to talk to me 24/7 and know what I was doing. Nope, not into that.

Ricky, sprained my wrist once while dragging me away for talking to another guy.  Nope, not into that either.

Mike, we dated on and off for four years.  He cheated on me numerous times, the last time was with my best friend. I later found out he also had cheated on me with my OTHER best friend. He also has given me a bloody nose and pushed me part-way down the stairs, while his mother was in the living room. To name a few bullshit things he’s done.

Callan, the captain.  He was gorgeous, lived on a sailboat, and was very sweet.  Showed up at 1am after soccer games to give me roses as I was getting off the bus.  Apparently I like assholes because my feelings just weren’t as strong as his.

Josh, also a major sweetheart.  Same problem as with Callan. Sometimes you just need a boy with a little bad boy and jealousy in him.

Isaiah, my first love. Cheated on me and got the girl pregnant.  Asshole.

Psh. Men.


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