So. Irritated!

My roommate, who is incredibly weird and so far everyone who has met her cannot stand her….ugh.  Well, she spilled spaghetti sauce all over my rug, and just flipped it over hoping I wouldn’t find out.  

I cleaned the whole house yesterday and when I moved the rugs out of the kitchen to sweep/mop, there was spaghetti sauce caked onto the floor.  Lame.  So after scrubbing the floor and letting it dry after mopping, I go to put the rugs back and holy hell my rug is COVERED in sauce.  So pissed!

I texted her asking if she did it, knowing very well she did, and she admitted it.  Said she was scared to tell me.  BITCH you should have been scared not to tell me!  I basically told her it was disrespectful and she should keep her distance from now on. 

Oh, and she has rats as pets in her room.  That the landlord said no to.  She better watch where she steps from now on.


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