I shoved a safety pin in my ear this morning-damn piercing came out and closed on me. OUCH

So it’s been my busy week, worked 48 hours and I slept for 13 hours last night.  Oofta did that feel amazing.

Well a couple things happened at work, first off there is this guy, Glen, who I talked about last time.  Well he never came back.  OF course if he ever decides to his ass won’t be let in the door.

Then, apparently it was hit on Lena day, because on Friday this guy Kenneth approached me when I was at my locker and slipped me a piece of paper and says- “Here’s my name and Facebook information.  Add me and we can talk about Rockfest, or you know, whatever we want.”


Then there is this guy Bobby who is from Florida and is cute with this adorable southern accent.  Well I had the hiccups Friday and he told me to hold my breath….then proceeded to tell me that if I faint, not to worry, because he will give me CPR.  I told him, you don’t give CPR when people faint.  His response?  I would like the practice anyways.

Nice pick-up line.

THEN there is Ed.  Who is cute, 30, and…married to a girl he married in the service so they could get money out of it.  They do not like each other. Ha.  Good decisions.  Well anyways, he hits on me every chance he gets, and honestly I don’t mind.  I would never pursue anything though.  It’s just nice to have SOMEBODY showing interest….after the whole Dipak situation.  Even if I haven’t fully given up hope.  He has two days before I am completely giving up on him.

So those are my fun getting-hit-on-at-work stories from the past two days.

No storytime today.



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