Sometimes, we do moose things.

My friends, Kelsey and Casey, and I decided to go out last night.  It has kind of been a girls week for me-trying to keep my mind off of things…

Well, we started off with drunk Jenga, somehow ended up blowing a condom up and it exploding everywhere, and then we decided to go through all of my halloween stuff and play a little dress up.  Which ended up in Kelsey going out in my naughty schoolgirl outfit, me wearing a mini skirt…with my wolf hat, and casey wearing my bee antennae and my belt.

It was a great night, if I say so myself.

And before anyone accuses me of drinking too much, I really don’t.  I have been going out to dinner with friends and having a drink with the meal.  Usually not even finishing it.  Sometimes I say I’m going to go out and drink when I’m feeling down, and I usually end up watching crappy Netflix movies and going to bed early.  



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