I snapchat a lot

I had a fire tonight, and a couple friends came over.  It was great.  I love sitting out at a fire on a warm summer night.  SO nice to just relax on my day off. Addie brought her deaf dog Penny over and I played with her so much that she just passed out for a good hour.  Then we all went inside and played the xbox for a while.  Rockband of course 😉

ALSO, I have only been working for a month, and I have already been “promoted”!!!!! As far as I know, the pay is the same.  BUT I am taking this guy Jordan’s job of doing inventory and warehouse stuff the first six hours of the day.  He is being moved up to back up PSA.  Which means if I stay at Phillips, I could be bumped up again in a couple months.  Hmmm 🙂 I like this feeling, but I got a few dirty looks from some of the older workers when they found out, but Jordan recommended me out of everyone there…so Shellie, my boss, offered it to me first. And OF COURSE I’m going to take it!!! I feel bad for being so happy, but I am grateful and excited 🙂

Also, I’ve been talking to a coworker.  I still feel guilty…but Dipak made up his mind….right? I still think about him a lot, but there’s nothing there anymore on his side.  So I am doing my best to move on.  As hard as that is for me, which really shouldn’t be this hard in the first place.


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