“Ricky Bobby”

Oh Bobby,  he is the guy that did overtime with my shift a couple times.  Well, he showed up at my house to say good bye to me before I left for Rockfest.  Was a major sweetheart about it, and told me to get ahold of him Monday when I came back.  Monday was also my birthday I might add. 

Well Rockfest happened.

Then Monday I was severely sick and all that jazz.  Couldn’t make myself anything to eat, so Bobby told me he was coming over to help out.  

This guy, shows up at my house with a bag of groceries.  Asks me if I’ve gotten any birthday cake or anything.  I said no, and he whips out a big birthday cookie that he apparently helped make.  

He cooked me a pesto noodle dish, zesty italian chicken, and spiced and buttered green beans.  

It was so good 🙂

Then he held a lighter over the cookie since he forgot candles and made me make a wish. 

It was all sweet.  

We watched two movies, but during the second one started a makeout session. 

Kisses led to being carried to my bed. 

And the rest, I’m sure you can imagine. 


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