What is “Life”, baby don’t hurt me….don’t hurt me…..no more.

Well, it has been quite some time since I have been posted.  I have been SO busy.  It’s not even funny.

Dipak broke my heart one final time.  I’m still putting back the pieces but it has gotten a lot easier.

I made the tough decision to take a year off of school.  I REALLY wanted to graduate in May so I could finally be done and so I could graduate with Dipak.  No point now right! I will take a year off, build up some money, and finish my last year when I am all better. 

ROCKFEST!  I will make a blog just for that after 😛

I was supposed to go to WeFest this weekend to bartend, but right as a I was packing and waiting for my ride my landlord showed up at my window.  My WINDOW.  She told me I was being kicked out.  My new roommate Cody is fucking weird as all hell, and apparently I play my music too loud, play video games too loud with friends, I let a dog in the house for a few hours, and some other dumb reasons.  Oh well.  I bawled about it all night.  I had just come from work where I had a rough day.  People were picking on me like usual, it’s just what we do.  It’s who I am.  We talk shit to each other all the time and it’s funny and totally fine.  But yesterday I just couldn’t handle it.  I dropped two barrels on the ground and started crying.  Good thing I was working in a secluded area. Anyways.  I bawled all night about being a failure. Then Kelsey came over and told me we were going to get a house together. Me, her, and Bobby.  Bobby is yet another blog of his own 😉


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