Time for an update!!!

So, I date Bobby from work for a while.  WELLL  Let’s add his name to the list of d-bags.  Bailed on me a few times,  treated me like crap at work and made me cry, and then I find out he’s renting the room I was kicked out of.  Yup, relationship over. 

Now Sam, another guy from work is in the picture.  Along with this guy I met in Boyceville who is friends with one of my good friends, Barb.  His name is Eric.   We shall see.  So far, I really like Sam but I’m the girl looking for a relationship + a good time.  He’s the guy who seemingly is just looking for a good time.  BUT  I am horrible with reading people so who the bloody hell knows.  As for Eric,  he’s really nice, kick ass, and lives in town. Seems to want the real deal, not just messing around. Not sure where that one would go. 

Enough with men. 

I am at my dads house for now, but Kelsey and I may have found an apartment 🙂  Just gotta figure shit out and save up some money! 

One of our family cats, Azia, died last night.  She had diabetes.  I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it was to hear my stepmom telling me they went to visit her and my little brother brought the plastic mat that he would place on the end of his bed and she used to sleep on.  He cried, they all cried.  Ugh.  Then, a few hours later Lynn gets a call at work saying Azia had been having trouble breathing and wasn’t doing good, so the vet picked her up and started petting her.  She stopped breathing then. 

Heart is broken.

Definitely cuddled my cat all night. 

On a different note,  might be getting a second job at the coop, the lady is literally begging me to come work for them haha  since I didn’t answer her voicemail she started emailing me instead. 

Enough updates for now,  I have a killer cold and I feel like death.



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