Going to VALLEYFAIR today :)

Well that was a bust.  Sam is overdramatic.  Love the kid to death but I couldn’t date him.  At work, bought the new guy Layne lunch from JJ’s,  I said “aww that’s cute!”  His response, “yeah, he can just pay me back or buy me lunch tomorrow” My response, “Haha you bring the candles, he’ll bring the food”

His response, to run to the boss and say our whole lunch table sexually harassed him.


Anyways,  Still talking to Eric a lot, hasn’t gone anywhere other than texting a lot.

Tony from work and I hooked up the one night at Mikaylas bar, but he is so shy.  So am I.  If neither of us make a move I doubt we’re going anywhere either. 

Aziz is an option again,  but last time I tried with that he was in love with another girl.

Boys suck, I’m switching to vaginas.

I owe so much money it’s not even funny.  I feel like I’m drowning in debt.  I’m kind of glad I’m at my parents so I don’t do anything stupid.  Suicide always seems like the easy way out. Sigh.

Pops is LOVING my stepmoms cat, Roxy.  They HATED each other at first.  Now they are inseperable.  We gave them a couple nickname 😛 PopRox! (Pop rocks if you didn’t get it)

Well, I gotta go get ready,  The two stepsisters and I are making a trip to Valleyfair!  Yaay sister bonding!! ❤



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